Elita Cop team

Company„ ELITA- COP“Ltd. has near 245 employees.

Management of the company with the team of professionals and skilled workers of all necessary profiles, supports and develops innovative solutions in the realisation of the contracted activities, with the aim of faster, better and more modern response to Clinet request. Also, finding cost-effective solutions that are in line with environmental standards. Such an approach to business and the permanent dialogue with the Clients, contributed to achieving the highest quality results. The experience team, as well as projects which are behind us, created an image of “ELITA COP“Ltd as a confidental partner.

Owner and directors:
Vese Romić, director


Department for civil works

Department has three operational units: 
–  Technical preparation,
–  Unit for execution of demolition works,
–  Unit for execution of the civil works,

Licensed civil, architecture and geodetic engineers, construction technicians, responsibile person for HSE and qualified workforce (operators, drivers, bricklayers, carpenters, bar fixers, non skilled workers) are in this Department. The company is well known as specialized for demolition and cleaning the sites and for removing debris from site.
 We also execute works on civil structures, high ways, roads, airports, dikes, drainage canals, water supply and sewerage network.

Department for production

Department has three operational units:
–  Production of the concrete with Laboratory,
–  Separation for gravel,
–  Recycling,

Technological and mechanical engineer, laboratory technician and qualified workforce are in this Department. The presence of technologists for making concrete is permanent. The factory have a new laboratory – CONTROLS, which is under the patronage of IMS-a. 

Financial and personel department

Department has two operational units:
–  Financial unit, 
–  Unit for Personal questions,

Economists, accountants and lawyers also are in this Department. Also, staff from this Department is monitoring the contacted, record the incoming and outgoing invoices, make contracs with customers and suppliers, process with data related to concrete production and separation of gravel, as well as all activities related to personnel issues.


Department for mechanization,transport and maintenance

Department has three operational units;
–  Unit for mechanization,  
–  Unit for transport,   
–  Maintenance Unit,

Mechanical and traffic engineers, mechanical technicians, electrical technicians and transportation technician, operators, operators for auto cranes, concrete pumps, drivers, locksmiths, mechanics, electricians are in this Department.