Demolition of buildings

Synonym for the company „ELITA- COP“ Ltd. is demolition of buildings. 

Our company is recognized for performing this kind of work in the country and the region.

A lot of different mechanization – LIEBHERR cranes capacity 200t and 70 t (2 cran capacity 70 t), excavators CAT, HITACHI, COBELCO, KOMATSU, with arrows reach over 30 m and mounting possibilities hydraulic hammers and shears, loaders, dump trucks, allowing us to be a leader in this field works.. 

Demolition and dismantling of „ELITA- COP“ Ltd. it‘s a purely mechanical without the use of explosives. The emphasis is, inter alia, the minimum impact on the health and safety of workers and the working enviroment, but also on the population and the enviroment.  
Technology used means the dismantling of previously cut parts of structure using hydraulic hammers and shears. We have a mobile crushing plant, where it is destroyed separation of structure in steel and crushed concrete that continued use in the construction of access roads.

Work performed under the constant supervision of a licensed engineer.

During the performance  we apply safety precautions who is given by elaborate.

Licensed designers „ELITA- COP“ Ltd. by pointing out the need for demolition projects and access to this type of work.  

Works are carried out in accordance with the law and regulations, and in accordance with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.