Concrete production

“ELITA – COP”Ltd. producing concrete in our concrete base in Zemun, on the location Batajnicki drum 6a.

We  have three concrete plants:

  • New STETTER concrete plant with capacity 90 m3 / h,
  • Concrete plant LIEBHERR with capacity of 140 m3 / h,
  • Concrete plant  STETTER with capacity of 60 m3 / h,

„ELITA- COP“ Ltd. for production of concrete using the following materials:

– cement, 
– stone aggregates,
– accessories concrete,

STONE AGGREGATE – washed and separated, from the natural gravel. This raw material supplers provide from “Danube Group Generator”. “Elita – Cop” has own separation where the separation is performen on natural gravel declared of 0 – 4 mm 4 – 8 mm, 8 – 16 mm and 16 – 32 mm. We have certificates for the materials that we issued IMS. In oncrete production we use water from city water supply.