Elita Cop


“ELITA-COP” d.o.o. since March 2012, it has a complete operation for performing asphalt works, both in terms of manpower and in terms of mechanization.

The expert team is composed of the Responsible Contractor, construction technician and construction workers – asphalt pavers.
The mechanization intended for performing asphalt works is as follows:

 –  Finiser Vogele S 1900-2, 2 pcs

–  Roller
“HAMM” HD 130

–  Roller “HAMM” HD 110,

–  Roller “HAMM” HD 90

–  Roller “HAMM” HD 70

–  Roller “HAMM” 14VV

–  Roller “HAMM” HTQHC 3412

–  Roller “DYNAPACK” CA 252 D

–  Roller “CAT” CB 114