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Elita Cop

Company “ELITA-COP” d.o.o. was founded in 2002 and is owned by the Romić family from Zemun.

A reliable construction company that has the capacity for the greatest challenges in modern construction, in the entire process of construction of all types of facilities. The contractor who first appears on the site accompanies the investor and performs the works until the end of the construction.


It is technically equipped and has the professional capacity and experience to perform works in all phases of construction of buildings, industrial halls, warehouses, and business facilities. He independently performs earthworks, securing the construction pit with piles, diaphragms, and steel planks, making the basic construction and external arrangement of the road, airports, highways. Under the supervision of the engineering team hires reliable business partners for finishing and craftwork.

  • He has significant experience and successfully performs civil engineering works with his own capacities: excavation, embankment, production of bearing layers, and asphalting.
  • It offers investors and contractors preparation, delivery to the construction site, horizontal and vertical transport, and installation of all types of concrete.
  • From its own modernly equipped reinforcement plant, it delivers machined reinforcement of all shapes and ready-made reinforcement baskets for reinforcing piles to customers.
  • For assembly, disassembly, horizontal and vertical transport, it has a powerful, modern, and unique mechanization operated by experienced operators.
  • Coordination of works in all phases is organized by teams of experts in construction, architecture, surveying, mechanical, mining, and traffic.

Dear friends, if you are an investor or contractor, and you need a reliable business partner for the successful implementation of your projects, Elita-cop d.o.o. is at your disposal. Feel free to contact us, we gladly accept any invitation. The company’s readiness to accept all types of requests is confirmed by successfully implemented projects and satisfied customers.