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Building construction

Elita Cop

We have been operating in the field of construction for almost two decades. Over time, we have developed, perfected, and expanded to all branches of construction, including building construction.

We consider the satisfaction of our clients to be of primary importance, but we also want our teams to be proud of the work they do. We guarantee our clients quality, efficiency, deadline. Our goal is a satisfied customer.

We perform works on high-rise constructions with the help of professional and qualified staff, cranes, mobile cranes up to 200 tons, own formwork of the most famous manufacturers in Europe, concrete from our own production, concrete pumps, vibrators, a large number of construction machines, trucks, water tanks, etc. Numerous mechanization, we are constantly upgrading with newer, more advanced models in order to constantly progress and faster and better work. By owning our own concrete base, concrete mixer, and reinforcing drive, we ensure the quality of materials and delivery within the agreed time frames. As in other areas of construction, so in the field of building construction, we have completed the complete process from our own resources. Mechanization and equipment that accompanies the execution of works is our property. Materials used in the field of construction are processed and produced in our plants. We perform quality control in our concrete laboratory, which is under the patronage of the accredited laboratory of the IMS Institute. The workforce is from the ranks of employees. We are the leaders in the region in terms of completeness for this type of work.

We strive for perfection, and we carry out each of our projects responsibly, from start to finish, under the strict control of licensed civil engineers, geodesy, and architecture, as well as professional staff in the field of safety and protection at work. All qualified workforce is trained to work at height.

Through long-term cooperation with leaders in various fields of construction, we apply more modern and technologically advanced solutions when performing works. Only some of our associates are the companies “Doka” and “Perry”, which are leaders in the field of formwork and scaffolding systems.

We are among the first in the region to start taking care of the environment. All materials, all transports, and all works are performed in accordance with the Law on Environmental Protection. We monitor regulations, seminars, and their implementation. The person responsible for the implementation of environmental protection measures is a permanent employee. We were the first to start recycling concrete and reusing recycled material. We have a permit for the storage of non-hazardous and hazardous waste, a permit for the collection and transport of non-hazardous and hazardous waste, and for the treatment of non-hazardous waste in the crushing plant.