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Company „ELITA – COP“d.o.o. located in Zemun, Belgrade and established in 2002 is a company of Romic family, who has a long tradition of private entrepreneurship.
The company has technical, technological and human resources capacities to perform various types of work in the field of civil engineering.

The company is specialized in:
• Demolition and removal of complex reinforced concrete and steel structures with materials recycling;
• Execution of the works for civil buildings and civil facilities (roads, streets, parking lots, undercarriage tramways and railways);
• Excavation with transportation;
• Works on the buildings (the foundation pit, construction, preparation works, land leveling etc.);
• Infrastructure works (sewage- white and black, external lightning, gas, data net etc.);
• Concrete production;
• Gravel separation.

The company’s personnel consist of experts and certified engineers and workforce of all the necessary profiles with extensive experience.

We also possess the latest technology for the large scale works for performing delicate and precise demolition and execution of the works on large structures.
The company is well known as specialized for demolition and cleaning the sites, and for removing debris from the site. We also execute works on civil structures, high ways, roads, airports, dikes, drainage canals, water supply and sewerage network. Within the period from 2002 to 2014 we have executed a lot of jobs a large number of Investors in Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska.

Hereby below we will list the main projects. These projects are not the most expensive, the most comprehensive, but are the ones which can show the actual capacity of our company, interesting for Investors.

Some of the major investors of the work for which the “Elite-COP” doo carried out projects in the past, were:
– Government of the Republic of Serbia
– Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina
– Ministry of the Defense
– Ministry of the Internal Affairs
– Health Ministry
– The City of Belgrade
– TITAN cement factory Kosjerić
– HOLCIM cement factory Popovac
– Public companies
– FIAT Automobili Srbije.

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