Elita Cop

Company„ ELITA- COP“ Ltd Belgrade – Zemun is a family company, owned by the Romić family, established in 2002, on the long tradition of private enterpreneurship.

The company has technical, technological and human resources capacities to perform various types of work in the field of civil engineering.

 The company′s personnel consist of experts and certified engineers and workforce of all necessary profiles with extensive experience. We also have the latest technology for the large scale works for performing delicate and precise demolition and execution of the works on large structures.

The objectives of the workand business include professional and thorough approach to work, the application of rational and cost-effective solutions, hiring a proffesional team of people who  constantly increase efficienty by accepting new challenges and stimulate employment.

The company owns two factories for the production of concrete with laboratory, separation for the gravel and machinery required for all work that is specialized.
″ELITA – COP”Ltd has the License issued by The Ministry of Construction and Urban Planing, by following:

                 –  I 112G2 license – alowing works on roads on low building constructions and airoport complex,

                –   I 131G2 license – alowing works on roads, highroads, main and regional roads and traffic connections to highways, main and regional rouds,


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