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Residential and commercial building Pionir Palas, Belgrade

Construction of a residential and commercial building with floors Po+D+8+Ps, in Nova Street 2, in Belgrade.

The residential-business complex with an area of ​​9,100m2 has one underground floor planned for parking vehicles, tenant storage, a thermal substation, and a room for a hydraulic cylinder. The ground floor is intended for business premises, while the upper floors are planned for housing.

Before the start of construction, all buildings on the cadastral plot were demolished.
The foundation is made on a 100 cm thick reinforced concrete foundation slab.
The building is designed as a structural system of slabs supported on AB walls and beams and over them on columns. The mezzanine construction consists of a monolithic reinforced concrete slab. The thickness of all plates is 22 cm. All slabs are made of MB30 concrete.
Vertical construction elements, columns, and AB walls are 25 cm thick, according to the given disposition. The concrete grade of the vertical supporting elements of the structure is MB40 and MB50 on some elements in the underground floor.

The work will be carried out in 2023.