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Oil Refinery – Pancevo

Elita Cop

Works on demolition and removal of buildings, complete works of civil engineering and building construction as well as works on application of PP mortar within the DCU project, Pancevo Oil Refinery were performed.

– Power supply system (S-25200A)

– Waste Acid Compression Plant IV (S-5900) and Amine Regeneration Plant III (S-5950), Phenol-Cyanide Removal Package A-5901 Architecture project – Facility for transformers, compressors and electrical equipment

– Delayed coking plant (S-5300 DCU)

– Coke conveyor system (S-5600)

– Interconnection system (S-23000)

– There will be S-23600 pumping stations

– Road and sidewalk project

– Road project – Transformer station

– Road project – Coke transport system

– Expansion of cooling water system (S-9150)

– OSBL interconnection system (S-23000 DCU)

– SWS and ARU (S-5900 and S-5950)

– Preparatory works included are: S-5600, S-5900 / S-5950, S-9150, S-23000, S-23600, as well as the protection of underground installations that are not relocated as well as the relocation of existing underground installations that interfere new construction (everything is shown in the graph documentation). Access roads are being built for the S-5900/5950 and S-5300 plants, which are part of this project. “

Performance period happy: 2017 to 2020