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Elita Cop Separacija
“ELITA- COP”d.o.o. gravel separation is carried out in Zemun, at the location Batajnički drum 6a. We primarily use the separated material for the production of concrete, but we also sell the following materials:
  • natural gravel,
  • fraction 0-4 mm, 4-8 mm, 8-16 mm, 16-32 mm and iberlaufa,
  • 0 / 31.5 mm casing,
  • 0/63 mm casing,
For all materials, we have certificates issued by IMS as proof of quality. We are also able to offer the service of transportation of materials, by our own mechanization (trucks with three-axle trucks, four-axles and trucks). If you are interested in the prices and delivery of materials, as well as additional information you can contact us, and the team “ELITA-COP” d.o.o. will be very happy to provide you with all the information you need and look to meet you in the best way possible.