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Elita Cop Laboratorija

Within the concrete factory, there is a concrete laboratory that meets the requirements of the standard SRPS IM1 052.

The laboratory has professional and experienced staff who have many years of experience gained in our country and abroad.

The laboratory defines the composition of all types of concrete, preliminary tests are carried out on both fresh and hardened concrete with all the intended materials when special attention is paid to parameters such as length of transport and installation of concrete.

The adopted concrete composition is corrected based on the processed results of control tests.

The evaluation of the results of the testing tests on fresh concrete as well as the proof of the achieved brand of concrete is monitored through ongoing control of all types of concrete. The MB quality assessment is obtained through the statistical processing of all compressive strength test results every three months.

The laboratory also tests other properties of concrete that enhance, enhance and protect the concrete, starting from the production process, through transport and through to the installation itself.

All tests of aggregates of concrete, cement, additives, watertight fresh and hardened concrete are carried out on the equipment of the Italian manufacturer “CONTROLS”.

We are characterized by cooperation with renowned manufacturers of concrete additives, which are new generations and in accordance with new technology.

The laboratory makes various concrete recipes that are consistent with the weather and the types of projects for which the concrete will be used. Accordingly, winter, transitional and summer recipes were patented using various accelerators, retarders, aerants, shrinkage compensators, superplasticizers, as well as all other products that cover the anticipated stages in concrete production.

In line with modern construction and new construction methods, materials and technologies, we are also engaged in the production of self-levelling concrete SCC, which is increasingly used in construction.

The work of the laboratory is under the supervision of the Institute “IMS” from Belgrade, and we cooperate with all relevant institutions such as the Institute of Roads, Faculty of Civil Engineering, CIP, IG Subotica.